Hey, everyone! My name is Rebecca.


As you can see here, I love to write, I usually write about anything. As long as it is helpful for many people. I find that writing is so relaxing. We can share our thoughts and experiences through blogs. Especially, when we have hard times. It is better to write them down in your diary!

I am a civil engineer and working on sites. So, whenever I have my days off, I will fill them with writing my experiences. Whether it is about engineering or even traveling! I love it when people read my writings and start discussing them with me. Things like these help me to gain more friends.

When I’m writing, I can do it in my house surrounded by family. That is why writing is relaxing for me. I can still chill with my family and keep writing at the same time. Sometimes when I need a lot of inspiration, I will grab my laptop and go out to a café. There, I continue to write, of course a cozy café with less sound of music is more preferable for me.

So, thank you for reading my writings and have a nice day!