5 Things That Make Home Uncomfortable

When walking into a room inside the house, consider how you feel. Is your environment inspiring? Or do you experience unpleasant feelings?

If the second feeling is right, you may look back at the decor and chaos in that space.

The reason, this can impact on your emotions every day, according to experts.

5 Things That Make Home Uncomfortable

1. Children’s Goods

It’s not just toys scattered on the floor. However, these items may include clothes, accessories, and children’s work.

“Chaos of children makes parents worried because it is difficult to clean and find space to store it,” said psychologist Susan Bartell.

Such concerns lead to the feeling of loss of control, that of the parent’s feelings with the children when things are not working properly.

The toy boxes also make parents feel that the house will never be clean, so guests may judge the house to fall apart.

“Parents also question how much money is spent when looking at some unused children’s items,” Bartell said.

2. Inheritance and gift items

Maybe you have some items given by your family or close friends.

Instead of thinking about them every time you see the item, you are more likely to get rid of it.

“We store inheritance or gift items even if we do not like or use because we feel guilty if we give it back to someone else,” Bartell said.

These items certainly affect the mood of having to store it and meet the space that can be used to store goods you like.

3. Childhood Goods

As a child, children have certain pets that never fall behind, such as a doll or pillow.

There are some people with this habit that continue into adulthood.

“Facing the fact that precious childhood things are no longer ‘magical’, it sometimes forces us to ask what is the source of our current pleasures,” says the author of “Inside the Flame: The Joy of Treasuring What You Already Have” Christina Waters.

Change always raises the question of who we are and what we want in life.

To find that the collection of dolls that have been owned since childhood is no longer interesting is a process of maturity.

4. Collection

Some old collections give you a load when you no longer like it. This just fills the space of your house.

“Collections relate to memory in a person’s life, and the difficulty of getting rid of this collection is a feeling that is often unconsciously going to eliminate that memory,” says psychiatrist Gail Saltz.

5. Unused hobby equipment

There is a time when you like a hobby, such as knitting. You begin to collect knitting equipment, especially various types of needles and threads.

Years later, when the hobby is gone, these items give a feeling of discomfort.

“Unused hobby utensils, contributing to chaos in your home It’s easier to collect hobby materials than to set aside time and effort to get rid of them,” says blogger behind Miss Minimalist Francine Jay.

According to him, people who often feel if they have a knit yarn cabinet will make them as knitters.

Although these threads and needles are not touched for months or even years.

Storing this equipment is also because people feel guilty for spending a fortune.

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